Gluten-free food gets a makeover, 100 sweet and savoury recipes

For too long gluten-free cooking has had a reputation for being about as appetising as hospital food – it was crying out for a style and taste makeover. Enter Rowie Dillon, ex-ad agency creative, coeliac and cake-baker extraordinaire – a woman on a mission to save the world from tasteless, unattractive food and change gluten-free cooking forever. Her successful business has restored the joy in eating to allergy sufferers, making yummy food accessible to all. Indulge is the outcome of years of experimenting to achieve the best results, and with 100 delicious recipes that everyone, not just those with gluten intolerance, will enjoy, this gorgeous cookbook will change your perception and experience of gluten-free food. Chapters include breakfast, lunch and dinner, pasta, pizza and pastry, cakes and other desserts, entertaining and children’s parties. And with a special section on using gluten-free flours you can reclaim the quiche and soon be serving up once forbidden meals like Lasagna, Sausage Rolls and Bruschetta as well as naughty-tasting treats like Lemon and Ricotta Cheesecake, and Blueberry and Marscapone tart. Beautifully photographed and designed with recipes for every day and any occasion, Indulge is a revelation in gluten-free cooking, all delivered with Rowie’s signature sprinkling of a little glamour and a lot of love. Enjoy!

Indulge Gluten-Free