I love shopping at Wray Organic Market and Cafe in Cleveland. Located in Ross Court (a court off Bloomfield St – where Pizza Hut is located), there is a large range of Organic products from around Australia and the world. They also stock a large range of Gluten-Free products, including meals and desserts in their Cafe. 
I was feeling a bit peckish, having missed breakfast and after perusing the food available settled on a breakfast toastie, made with gluten-free bread. It had organic eggs, ham and tomato. It came with a salad that has their signature wray organic cafe salad dressing. 

 I chose an interesting tea mix of white rose petals and goji berry. It was very nice and from wht I have read, very healthy. The goji berry flavour was lovely and I felt very refreshed.

I didn”t buy a dessert despite the fact it was very tempting. I was eyeing-off a raw dessert when someone else bought it. Oh well. Next time.

Wray Organic Market and Cafe
Ross Court, (off Bloomfield St)
(07) 3488 2288

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