One of the many things I had to give up, or limit myself with, was beer. I love beer, always have. I guess I am not alone.

When I heard that RedBay Microbrewery in Cleveland offered Gluten-Free beer I was overjoyed. I had purchased some gluten-free beers through ebay and online but they were fairly expensive. Their RedBay Gluten Free Golden Ale has 4.5% alcohol content and a lovely citrus, hoppy flavour. Delicious! It is Sorghum liquid malt extract syrup and as such has no gluten. I think it would be perfect with meat or seafood. It is similar in flavour to some of my favourite india pale ales.

In December I attended a RedBay Tasting event which I found as an online deal. Normally $100, my husband and I paid $45 each for a two hour tour and tasting of cider, beer and ginger beer. We then were allowed to bottle, cap and box a carton each. My husband wasn’t feeling well so we decided to collect our beer after the new year.

I am happy to say that two days ago Redbay returned my calls and with the help of my Aunt and Uncle we bottled a carton of Gluten-Free beer and a carton of Knight’s First – Redbay Brewery’s take on Newcastle Brown.

Both beers were full-bodied and it is great to know that there are no chemicals or preservatives. It means you have to drink them in a timely fashion but I am sure that won’t be  a problem πŸ˜‰

Located in the Redland Trade Centre.

Red Bay Micro-Brewery

7/77 Shore st West
Cleveland Qld. 4163

Ph 07) 3488 2739
Fx 07) 3488 2740

Tuesday 11am β€” 6:30pm
Wednesday 11am β€” 6:30pm
Thursday 11am β€” 7pm
Friday 11am β€” 7pm
Saturday 8am β€” 3:30pm

CLOSED –Sunday and Monday