Today I spent some productive time with Graham from RNR Lifestyles regarding the new website which will go live very soon! We met at The Good Place (Cleveland) – near Coles where The Coffee Shop used to be. Graham ordered Eggs Benedict on gluten-free bread whilst I had a coconut and lime tart and a matcha (green tea) latte with Cashew milk I had purchased from Coles.

Everything is gluten-free so they didn’t have oat milk and I’m a huge fan of cashew milk. It has a creamy taste and half the sugar of oat milk.

I asked them to use the cashew milk that I happened to have with me and told them to keep it after making my matcha latte and try it to see if they like it. If they do and stock it then I would be very happy.

Most lactose-free milk has a lot of sugar and I’m diabetic. The owner was great about it. The matcha latte and coconut lime tart were both delicious 😋

Such amazing service and a great location on middle street Cleveland. Looking forward to another visit soon! A little blurb from their website:


They get their bread from the Flour Mill Bakery in Queen Street Cleveland the street behind near the Woolworths car park which I called into today for some of their gluten-free bread and a gluten-free sausage roll.


I also visited Health Thru Nature / Go Vita Cleveland near Woolworths and bought some gluten and dairy-free Sweet William chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies 🐣 🥚 🐰


What are your favourite gluten-free or dairy-free products or places that cater to people with dairy and/or gluten intolerance?

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