Outback Harvest Wholefoods Low Carb Penne Pasta w/Teff


Size: 250 grams

  • Gluten-free
  • Same texture as wheat pasta
  • Low in carbs, rich in fibre and protein
  • 15% supergrain brown teff flour


Product Description

Based on teff and rice flour, this penne is not just gluten-free but also 45% lower in carbohydrates than regular wheat pasta. They cook up al dente just as well, though, and they’re even more nutritious: Teff is a supergrain among supergrains, with three times the calcium of quinoa, three times the iron of buckwheat, twice the fibre of brown rice, more magnesium than chia, and only a third as much fat as oats.

Ingredients: Rice Flour, Rice Starch, Brown Teff Flour